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Welcome Back!

From 2003 to February, 2010, issues published included 369 Daily Screws, 34 Occasional Screws, and 192 Weekly Screws. The publication was suspended in 2010. But the online publication continued to generate hits from people searching for the many topics covered in the 595 issues. These issues are still available on line for your enjoyment and research. Should you find any broken links, please Email me and I will try to fix them.

Don Bull

From the Editor's Desk - April 3, 2006

I am pleased to announce the return of the Screw. From February 10, 2003 through February 10, 2004, 369 issues were published on line under the masthead The Daily Screw. From February 11, 2004 through October 6, 2004 the Screw was published under the name The Occasional Screw. Many of the stories were then published in two volumes Corkscrew Stories Volume 1 and Corkscrew Stories Volume 2. Each book saw the addition of a number of other stories.

The past year and a half has brought many requests for the return of the Screw. I will now try to put out a Screw once a week. Bookmark this page to read new issues.

Past issues are still available on line. See below.

Don Bull, Editor and Publisher

From the Editor's Desk

Wirtz, Virginia - Yesterday we celebrated the First Anniversary of The Daily Screw. For some The Daily Screw was overwhelming. For others The Daily Screw was their morning treat. For me The Daily Screw was fun but now it is time to move on to something else. I will still publish a paper but as you can see by the new masthead, it will be occasionally.

Don Bull, Editor

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