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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

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Christmas Shopping - 1947

Wirtz, Virginia - When we last saw our staff Christmas corkscrew shoppers on December 5, they were having a look at the offerings in the 1947 Game Room catalog. Here are some other corkscrews in the catalog:

The Game Room offered Marshall T. McDowell's for his rack and pinion Korkmaster for $4.95. McDowell and Bertha Carlson Grudin had formed and trademarked the "Korkmaster Company" in Red Bank, New Jersey. On February 24, 1948 McDowell was issued Design Patent 148,810 for the corkscrew.

The third and only other corkscrew in the catalog is The Bar Genie in silver plate which could be purchased for $4.50.

The "Chip Chop" was also offered in this catalog. But this Chip Chop had a wood handle with no corkscrew. Chip Chops with corkscrews in the end of a metal handle have been found with a 1946 copyright date box so it is rather surprising that this 1947 catalog did not offer the full Chip Chop capability.

In keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, we have pictured two Chip Chops with red and green leatherette coverings on the handle.


I was interested reading about trading on The Daily Screw. I was given this Turtle Corkscrew as a gift but would happily trade it for anything else. If anybody wants it please get in touch. I'd appreciate it if you could publish this as my little girl is excited of the prospect of her pop getting on your column.

Email: John Scampton, Florida

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