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Here are just a few of the corkscrews: Thomason Gothic Windows, Empire, Kummer Mauser, Murphy, Chinnock, Two Pillar (including a not-to-be-missed elegant one), Henshall Type, Hicks & Reynolds, Curley, Bennit, Baker, Heeley, Rapide, Tyr, Demmler, Coney, Wulfruna, Royal Club, Farrow & Jackson, Perfect, Infanta, The Modern, Winterberger's Presto, Alp, Gorham, Le Presto, Diamant, Excelsior, Surprise, Exus, Solon, Victor, Record, Berkeley, 8-tool Bow, 1886 Taylor Design, Barnes, Minis, Gagnepain Urns, Knudsen, Puddefoot, Davis, Seahorse, Folding Lady, Mermaid, Gay 90s legs, Murphy, H & B, Rare Two Finger Eyebrow, Knives with Corkscrews, Figural Corkscrews, Tiffany, La Pierre, Gorham, Fish, Ugly Man, Cottle, Simons, Webster, Celluloid (Butterscotch, Mottled, Goodyear Patent, Mini), Leboullanger, Vaughan Patent, Lund Patent, Wright & Bailey, Boker, Asprey, Farrow & Jackson, Verpillat, Concorde, Suze, Subito, Bague, Diamant, Lesto, Le Parfait, Aero, Kariba, Sunderland, Bellow, Browne, Viarengo patent, Watts, Double Helix, Victoria Bell, Vogliotti Variations, Hollweg, Jansen, Williamson Tip Top, Nifty, Rodgers & Son, B & B, Sommer Patent, Burkhalter Patent, Probus, Dearsden, Yale University, Wizard, New Era, Pathos, B & B, Audi 80, Vaughan, Willets, Stewart, Watts, Kirchner, Dreko, Hollweg, Emide, Hungarian Advertising, Carl Victor - Heljestrand - Sweden, French Advertising, German Advertising, Sperry, Tucker, Gold Roundlets, Silver Roundlets, Stowell, Silver Swan, Weirs, Heeley, A-1, Whistles, Woodman, Empire, Lador Switzerland, Wingfield, Old Forge, B.W.S. Germany, Marples, Pride, Henckels, Corinthian, Berkeley, Campagnolo, Hercules, Cadillac, Eterno, Columbus, Oehringia, Strauss, Holtzapffel, Barrett, Anheuser-Busch, Bonin, Tabard, Müchler, Converse, Hasselbring, Fradley, Coney King, Ajoux, Perille, Jorres, American Patents, Scandinavian, Peerless, Bar and Wall Mounted Corkscrews( including Titan, Champion, Yankee 1-2-7, The Don, Estate, Infanta, Empire, Original Safety), J. Gamble, Berkeley, Robert Jones, Williamson, Left-handed, Champagne Nippers and Grippers, and many, many more.

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Corkscrew & Related Books

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World-Class Corkscrews
3000+ Pictures
4500 Corkscrews
352 pages: 9" x 12"
Published 2015

The Ultimate Corkscrew Book
744 Pictures
3746 Corkscrews
320 pages: 9" x 12"
Value Guide
Published 1999

Champagne Collectibles

1260+ Pictures
336 pages: 9" x 12"
Published 2011

Wine Antiques & Collectibles
2159 Pictures
336 pages: 9" x 12""
Value Guide
Published 2013

Bull's Pocket Guide to Corkscrews
200 Pictures
942 Corkscrews
190 pages: 6" x 9"
Value Guide
Published 1999

Figural Corkscrews

952 Pictures
288 pages: 9" x 12"
Published 2009

Boxes Full of Corkscrews
836 Pictures
256 pages: 9" x 12"
Value Guide
Published 2001

Advertising Openers: A Guide to Beer Openers & More
1554 Pictures
288 pages: 9" x 12""
Value Guide
December 2014

Anri Woodcarvings

800 Pictures
2500 Carvings
272 pages: 8 1/2" x 11"
Value Guide
Published 2001

Just for Openers
380 Pictures
850 Openers and Corkscrews
160 pages: 8 1/2" x 11"
Value Guide
Published 1999

Soda Advertising Openers
275 Pictures
2500 Openers and Corkscrews cataloged
160 pages: 8 1/2" x 11"
Value Guide
Published 2000

Beer Advertising:
Knives, Ice Picks, Cigar Cutters, Letters Openers, and more.

520 Pictures
176 pages: 8 1/2" x 11"
Value Guide
Published 2000


Fans: Advertising & Souvenir
1797 Pictures
288 pages: 9" x 12""
Value Guide
Published 2012


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