Soda Advertising Openers

by Donald A. Bull and John R. Stanley

Soda Advertising Openers features:

  • 160 (8 1/2" x 11") pages
  • 275 Color Photographs
  • Softcover
  • 2500 Openers and Corkscrews cataloged
  • Informational Chapters
  • Price Guide
  • Published 2000

The world of soda advertising bottle and can openers is explored here with over 275 photos featuring hundreds of openers and corkscrews - Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Colar, Nehi, Cheerwine, Nu-Grape, Red Rock Cola, Moxie, Hires, and Royal Corwn to name a few - along with information on American patents, opener manufacturers, soda producers, opener packaging, and modern, foreign, and fantasy openers; hints on grading and cleaning openers; an index; and a price guide. An additional catalog index of over 2,500 known soda advertising openers and corkscrews is organized by type. With such a wealth of information amassed into one volume, this book is destined to become the bible for soda opener collectors.


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