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Un conte de fées Tire Bouchon???
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Corkscrews - what you always wanted to know! What's this all about? Pasta, Swamps, Liquor Stores, Restaurants, Rescue, Roller Coasters, Museums, Plants, the Last Corkscrew, Charlie Chaplin in a bathtub.
Corkscrews - more of what you always wanted to know! Corkscrews in Malaysia, Botswana and Austria, Laguiole Knives, Mike Sharp and Left-hand corkscrews
Corkscrew Jokes Corkscrew Jokes written by Don Bull and Al Chase in a Chicago Bar March 9, 1993. And some later additions.
Corkscrews in the Movies Stars uncorking bottles
A Tribute to Bernard Watney Corkscrew Author and ICCA Founder
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