If you have a corkscrew or a collection of corkscrews for sale,
email corkscrew@bullworks.net with details

Some specific wants are:

Any good condition corkscrew advertising Coste-Folcher (DeSanctis, page 180)

Straight razor with corkscrew

Ross Pig in Blue

Ariane Rocket corkscrew and cork ejector by Monopol

Matched sets of gay nineties legs and knives

American Trunk patent

1914 LaBreche patent

Becker's Magie patent

Corkscrew Art

Corkscrew Catalogs

Miniature corkscrews

Signature corkscrews

Knives with corkscrews (old)

Postcards depicting corkscrews

Carved ivory handle corkscrews

Unusual nice mechanical corkscrews

Lady's legs or mermaids with corkscrews

Parrots, pigs, dogs, etc. with corkscrew tails

Combination cigar box opener or cigar cutter with corkscrew

Carved wooden figures where the head has a corkscrew fitting into a body

....and other corkscrews...


The Virtual Corkscrew Museum

c/o Don Bull, P. O. Box 596, Wirtz, VA 24184, USA


email: corkscrew@bullworks.net

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