Details from the publisher:

• Over 2,000 figural corkscrews and related tools in full color photos
• Organized in easy to use categories for quick reference

• Guide to current prices

Don Bull’s series of books on corkscrews has won world-wide acclaim, and this book offers even more about the wide range of figural corkscrews. Find corkscrews from an aviary, an aquarium, an armory, a museum, a tool shed, a zoo, and much more in over 900 splendid photographs in twenty chapters. Everything from airplane to zebras is detailed with value ranges. The “museum” alone offers the reader a fascinating visit to the world of corkscrew barrels, jugs, bells, bottles, faucets, insects, keys, pipes, and more. Corkscrew designs by Alessi, Colombo, Gemelli, Gladman, Pal-Bell, Syroco, and others showcase some fascinating pieces. Special corkscrews related to Christopher Columbus, Queen Elizabeth II, and New York City will intrigue the specialists. The final chapter, the Zoo, is filled with camels, elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers, and monkeys.

Right Kincaid of the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts previewed the book and wrote “I guarantee that once you open the cover, you will not stop until you have looked through the entire array of figural corkscrews.”

When Donald Bull retired in 1997, there was newfound time for pursuing his hobbies. Figural Corkscrews is his 21st book. He is an active member of the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts (ICCA).

Size: 9” x 12”

952 color photos

Price Guide

288 pages - hard cover

Here's what ICCA Right Kincaid wrote in the foreword after previewing the book:

Anyone who collects corkscrews knows that Don Bull is the Dean of Corkscrew Collecting. With twenty publications (now 21!), the most visited website (corkscrewmueum. com), and his online bulletin “The Weekly Screw,” he has achieved a level of notoriety unmatched by any other collector.

For those of us fortunate enough to have viewed his personal collection, it is clear that he has a passion for figural corkscrews. In fact, while most of us have several in our collection, Don’s display of hundreds of figurals is just plain overwhelming. That is why it is so appropriate for Don to pull together yet another outstanding publication about these fun pieces that fascinate all of us.

Arranged in twenty logical chapters, you will see over 900 photographs with more than 1600 figural corkscrews. Don’s accompanying comments will give you more facts about these diverse pieces than you could possibly remember. I guarantee that once you open the cover, you will not stop until you have looked through the entire array of figural corkscrews. For all collectors, beginner to expert, this book will become the “ultimate” figural reference. It challenges us to find the ones we don’t have. It makes the ones we have more interesting and very likely, more valuable.

Speaking of value, no one has more knowledge of value for these pieces than Don. He has sold and bought more corkscrews than most of us can imagine. With his knowledge, he has established a value range for each of these pieces. In today’s world of wild swings in online bidding and the threat of fakes and frauds, this is a major contribution to the health of our crazy habit.

Hats off to Don for another exciting addition to the corkscrew world.

Figural Corkscrews - Comments

Volker Leidner, New Caledonia: Just received your book today (July 9). What a great master piece ! I love the photos, top quality. I can now add some more details to some of my own figurals.

Mike Sharp, Callifornia: Well Don your books get better and better! We had to delay dinner because I wouldn't put it down until I read it cover to cover. Thank you very much.

Tommy Campnell, Washington: WELL DONE! Great pics, High Quality Book, Price Guide!

Alf Erickson, Thailand: Your book is brilliant. The illustrations are fabulous.

Jean-Louis Desor, France: Just great and very, very interesting.

Maurice Dancer, France: Félicitations, it is really a great book. The subject is very well organised, the presentation is of very good quality and the text very instructive. You did a big job.

Bob Roger, Virginia: You forgot to include an extractor to get it out of my hands. Great job! And thanks for documenting this stuff for all of us.

Jacques Corbel, France: It is superb.

Gavin Maddock, United Kingdom: Book arrived today, safely and well packed thank you. Had a quick flick through it looks excellent, I'm going to enjoy readng through this one.

Richard Craven, United Kingdom: Your book has arrived safely and is every bit as excellent as I expected.

Jens Arnbjerg, Denmark: Very nice pictures and fantastic collection of figurals.

Joke Van Kleinwee, Netherlands : Your new book is great and I will look in it very often.

John Cornell, Florida: I like it very much.

Robert Cordy, Idaho: Our copy arrived yesterday (July 8). I thumbed through every page last night, even though I am not a serious figural collector. It is truly fantastic! Your photography is spectacular, the organization is excellent

Fred Kincaid, Vermont: GREAT BOOK – LOTS OF FUN!

Steve Binkley, Texas: Absolutely beautiful pictures combined with some wonderful commentary...cant wait to dig in further!!

Philly Rains, Arkansas: Your new book arrived and it's fabulous! I can't wait to sit down and look at every single page. As expected, the photography is perfect!

John Stanley, North Carolina: It is an amazing book. Very well laid out and a very fun book to go through. Congratulations on another outstanding Don Bull book and I think your best effort yet. The pictures are super quality.

Laurent Lachaud, France: Great work!

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