Boxes Full of Corkscrews

by Donald A. Bull

Boxes Full of Corkscrews features:

  • 256 (9" x 12") pages
  • 836 Color Photographs
  • Hardcover
  • Price Guide
  • Published 2001

Boxes Full of Corkscrews by Donald A. Bull is a photographic record of hundreds of corkscrews in their original packaging. Here is an in depth look at corkscrews both old and new with details about manufacturers, trademarks, copyrights, and the like gleaned from the packaging and the objects contained therein. Collector Jack Bandy describes the task Bull has accomplished with: "Through hundreds of letters, personal contacts, visits, phone calls, faxes and e-mails, he's harvested invaluable background and historical data on many of these firms both extant and extinct, which adds further insights into the origins of many of our corkscrews. Throughout this book his 'Corkbits' tell these stories, and are gold mines for those of us with a passion for in-depth historical and source material."

Author's Note:

I had a lot of fun with this new book. I traveled to Michigan and got boxes full of corkscrews to photograph from collectors Danziger and Roe and I was amazed at the lack of duplication between the two collections. A trip to California was highlighted by visits to the Bandy and Sharp houses to photograph even more boxes full. A visit to Chicago resulted in some nice photos from the Britton collection. In Canada I got photos of MacLean's collection. Then a bunch of corkscrews collectors including Anthony, Bystran, Cameron, Daniel, Dolliver, Donoghue, Goodman, Luterman, Roger, and Wlochowski boxed up their boxes full and sent them to me to photograph.

I shot all of those, added my own collection photos, and ended up with a whopping 836 color photographs and a wealth of information. A lot of corkscrews that lost their packaging along the way, are now identifiable. Corkscrew orphans can now be matched up with their mates. And a lot of information about origins, manufacturers, and histories has been revealed. I know you will enjoy perusing this book as much as I enjoyed writing and photographing it.

Boxes Full of Corkscrews has 256 pages and it is a large format hardbound book.

Table of Contents

Bar Sets
Bar & Wall Mounts
Bartender Tools
Bells & Buttons
Can Openers
Champagne Taps
Direct Pull

Health & Home
Ladies and Gentlemen
Lazy Tongs
Levers - Double
Mannekin Pis

Prong Pullers & Retrievers
Tool Sets
Waiters' Friends
Just a few more….
Aardvark to Zyliss
Put it Back

If you already have my The Ultimate Corkscrew Book or Bull's Pocket Guide to Corkscrews, you will find very little duplication - 95% of the boxes full of corkscrews were not pictured in the previous books. That's a bit about the book. You'll some page previews below.



Brenda Ryczek, Public Relations Director, Syratech, Massachusetts: I received your latest book Boxes Full of Corkscrews and I must say, it is absolutely sensational. The photography is well executed throughout its entire contents. It is a beautiful book, paying great attention to the ornate detail of each unique piece. It's important for today's consumers to be informed of the many choices they have when it comes to collectors pieces and this book conveys the differences in the make and design of each item candidly.

Bill Sell, Minnesota: Congrats on another job well done. What a thrill to read/see about dozens of corkscrews in my collections and whence they came. The photography is outstanding. Althea walked by while I was reading (your new book) for the first time and her reaction was, "Wow! What great pictures!" Thanks again for your contribution to wirehelixography and best wishes for the coming year.

Bob Cordy, Idaho: Just wanted you to know that I received the "boxes" and it is terrific! Congratulations on yet another contribution to the "science".

Bert Giulian, Pennsylvania: I congratulate you on yet another contribution to corkscrew literature and lore.

Fred Kincaid, Vermont: Another Bull masterpiece. You continue to amaze.

David Vassberg, Texas: Received "Boxes" book yesterday and am delighted with it.

Michael Sharp, California: Thanks for the lovely evening last Saturday night. I set up way to long with the "Boxes Full" book!

Kenn Cameron, Massachusetts: Your new book arrived today. Sensational book! I'm absolutely amazed at the amount of corkscrews that still had their original packaging. It must have taken a tremendous amount of your time and effort to pull the book together. Congratulations on a job well done!

Ron MacLean: It goes without saying Boxes Full of Corkscrews is another winner. It certainly contains a significant amount of new information for the corkscrew collecting world.

Jens Arnbjerg, Denmark: A nice book, with a lot of nice "boxes"

Dennis Briddell, North Carolina: Received the book. Great work.

Larry Hasiak, Florida: I received "Boxes Full of Corkscrews" the other day and am very happy with it!!

John Stanley, North Carolina: Another great book. Great pictures and as always very well organized.

Alf Erickson, Florida and Bangkok, Thailand: Your books will be the standard works long after we are dead.


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