Anri Woodcarvings

by Philly Rains and Donald Bull

Anri Woodcarvings features:

  • 272 (8 1/2" x 11") pages
  • 800 Color Photographs
  • 2500 Carvings
  • Hardbound
  • Price Guide
  • Published 2001

See description below

This book presents vintage, often whimsical, and one-of-a-kind wooden figurine carvings by ANRI, the world-renowned company founded in 1912 in the Dolomite Mountains of northern Italy. Among the more than 2500 carvings featured are bottle stoppers, bottle openers and corkscrews, bar sets, calendars, letter openers, bookends, humidors, ashtrays, lighters, cigarette boxes, pipe rests, salt and pepper sets, pepper mills, napkin rings, timers, toothpick holders, brushes, salt and serving spoons, spoon and key racks, door knockers, nutcrackers, and figurines, including monks and characters from novels by Charles Dickens. Collectors with a wide range of interests will be delighted with the amazing number of woodcarvings shown.

Table of Contents

Part One: ANRI for the Desk

  • Desk Accessories
  • ANRI for the Smoker

Part Two: ANRI for the Home

  • ANRI for the Kitchen
  • Other ANRI, Other Rooms
  • Hang It Up
  • Nutcrackers

Part Three: ANRI for the Bar

  • Bottle Stoppers
  • Pourers
  • Bottle Openers & Corkscrews
  • Bar Sets, Bar Scenes & Accessories

Part Four: ANRI Figurines

  • Gröden Valley Folk
  • Musicians
  • Religious
  • Doctors
  • Charles Dickens
  • Animals

Part Five: ANRI Objets d'art etcetera

  • Music Boxes
  • Decorative Art
  • Chess Sets
  • That's Not ANRI

What a nice surprise to receive your ANRI woodcarving book for collectors! Compliments, very well done, to see such an extensive collection. I have to admit that I have never seen some of the illustrated carvings, which were completely new for me. The most exciting part of the book is to recognize the hands of different carvers who worked at the same item.Today, we also know that there were not exclusively men working at the woodcarvings but also women. The printing quality is excellent ...... For me it will be very interesting to take a closer look with a magnifying-glass to differentiate the carving quality.Again my compliments to this wonderful book, it is also a recognition for the people of the valley, for their work they did during the last century period, when life was not so easy. ...... Ernst Riffeser, ANRI Art, Italy

I was so happy to have received your new ANRI book. I like to compliment you both on the book . It`s a wonderful work of art - you must have spent thousands of hours for photos / layouts / text and the nice book cover artwork - again thanks a million for the wonderful book it is as you earlier stated a real must for all passionate ANRI fans ..... Harald Saage, Sales & Marketing Director, ANRI Art, Italy

The book arrived and it is wonderful! It was worth the wait! Thanks for all of the work you did to make such a great book ...... Brenda Myers, Oklahoma (Founder - Anri Stopper Club)

We got your book today and LOVE it! My husband and I have been fighting over who gets to read it first. He had it and spotted something interesting so I asked to see it. Once I got my hands on it he didn't get it back for an hour. We have been on the look out for just such a book for years. Thank you so much for all the hours of research it must have taken to produce it. I think I speak for all Anri enthusiasts when I say "Well Done, Thank You!!".....Jan & Ed Hobin, Rhode Island

The book arrived a few days ago and I am ecstatic. It is what I have been looking for for several years and was unable to find. It absolutely does fill a void. Skye Terrier carvings is what I am particularly interested in and I found several pieces similar to those in my collection in the book. The background and dating information on them is invaluable ...... Larry Harvey, Colorado

I can't get over how great the book is. I never expected to see such a diverse collection of Anri objects. You have done an exceptional job ..... Tony Scarpa, Connecticut

The book is WONDERFUL. The paper is such beautiful quality, photography, wonderful, descriptions the same, I just love it! Max and I sat side by side and I just kept repeating, oh, look at that. And there are figurines in the back of the book, ones that I don't have and would love to, some, I do, I proudly say. I just have fallen in love with the old Anri carvings. You have produced a much needed documentary on Anri and one that will be enjoyed by so many people long after all of us are gone. Anri should be very proud ..... Jania Peterson, Texas

My book arrived thank you! IT IS FABULOUS. I am so happy with the quality and detail that was put into it. There is just so much in there, I am really amazed. You have done a super job, and I am sure everyone will be as happy as I am with the outcome.....Joe Iozzia, New Jersey

....and Joe added this posting on the Stopper Club site: Fabulous reading from start to finish. This is a top quality coffee table book that takes hours to browse and review. Don and Philly have outdone themselves here. There is just so many undiscovered items that even after many years of collecting I have not seen until the book arrived. Page 66 with the troops of caroling toothpick holders will make anyone laugh! Gets yours today, it is well worth every penny.

I received my book yesterday and I was shaking when I opened it I was so excited. I ABSOLUTELY - POSITIVELY - 100% LOVE IT !! I told my husband he can look at it but he is not allowed to touch it, much like my Anri carvings !! I have looked at it several times and every single time I look at it I love it more. I find a new detail or an item I have never seen before.....I had NO idea the enormously high number of items made by Anri, I know they are all different but there are so many I have never seen is just so exciting. I keep picking it up and am just in awe over the beautiful job that you did displaying the many Anri creations. It is fantastic and FAR BETTER THAN ANYTHING I could have ever imagined. I mean, I knew this was going to be a great book but I had no vision of this. Thank you for this beautiful creation! ..... Terese Hamilton, Minnesota

I just want to let you know that I received the collectors book on 9-8-01 and it is wonderful! Thank you for putting together a wonderful "wish list" book! .....Vesna Becker, Wisconsin

Thank you for the absolutely beautiful book on Anri woodcarvings. Being an amateur woodcarver, I am really impressed with the so many different carvings. Such talent, and to think a lot of this was done by ordinary people. I love this book ..... Jerry Bryant, Texas

Received my copy 9-8-01 and haven't been able to put it down! What a wonderful, completely informative book.I consider the price very modest considering the content and quality of the book. Thank you very much for your dedication to this book, Connie Brown, Vermont

I got it on Saturday - what a great book! I spent all day going thru it. It is full of wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the fantastic collections you all have put together over the years. I am envious and inspired!.....Janet Jarmann, California

Just wanted to take a few moments to tell you how wonderful the book is! I did expect it to be pretty nice, but I was shocked at the superb photography detail. So many price guides and topical guide books are rushed to the final product stage and the details and photos suffer. Not this book. I am 110% delighted. I only wish it was 1000 pages! Just can not get enough of the ANRI stuff. Love to see the items that I have never seen before. I do lean to the stopper and barware items. I have a small collection of approx 50 items. This book is a shot of excitement to look even harder for more items. I realize that lots of hard work and countless hours went into the production of the book. As I am sure you are already hearing...."We appreciate it!" Even though you don't want to think of a second book just yet....when you do, add me to the list of those eagerly awaiting. For now, be very proud, and get some deserved rest. ..... Fred Farris, Jr., North Carolina

It's beautiful! ...... Phyllis Tickle, Tennessee

. We received the magnificent book on Monday, and could hardly put it down long enough to eat. We were SO excited to see so many of the stoppers, cork screws, and bottle openers that reside on our walls!! Whoopee for the incredible book. It is such wonderful quality and the pictures incredibly crisp. In appreciation from two happy ANRI collectors ..... Don and Bev Beairsto, Oregon

I was out of town, picked up the mail when I returned, and was delighted to find your beautiful book! I am enjoying it very much! You did a wonderful job, and I wish to add my sincere thanks for this terrific source book. ..... Barbara Terpstra, Wisconsin

Yeah Hooray Wheeee....the books came. We stayed up until 0100 memorizing. Thank you ..... Eric and Melissa Bleakney, Pennsylvania ..... Eric bought two books - one for his father-in-law. He gave it to him and reported: He got his birthday book today. He was last seen doing handsprings and cartwheels down the estate drive.

WELL WELL WELL... what can I say... I just received the book and I want you to know if is FABULOUS. I can't praise it enough. KUDOS to the highest magnitude ..... Ken Schnoll, New Jersey

I got my copy and I'm so proud of YOUR hard work. I've been showing everyone! It's nice to finally have something to show people when you are trying to explain what it is that you collect. I love my book, the photography is spectacular! You did a great job! ..... Rick Higgens, North Carolina

We received our copy on Sept.11. It was the only bright spot of my day. It gave me a break and a laugh. Thanks for all the hard work ..... Dot Enockson, Minnesota

I want to compliment you on your new Anri book. The quality of the photographs is exceptional, and your emphasis and selection of material fit perfectly with my own tastes. I especially liked the section on bottle stopper galleries of contributing collectors. ..... Kent Hill, Arizona

I am captivated by your book! I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy just paging through it over and over. I haven't yet stopped talking about it to my friends and family. I am honored by the recognition and I humbly accept your thanks and very proud to have my name listed as one of the contributors. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be enlightened and to be an inspired collector and to now know so much more ..... Hondo Swedlund, Minnesota

I received the book yesterday. What a wonderful book it is! I'm going to relish the times I look through it ..... Dale Morse, Vermont

Got my copy of the ANRI Woodcarvings yesterday and WOW! As a stopper collector, that was of course the first section to view. I'm impressed and realize how much further I could go with my collection..... Stan Liedtke, Iowa

The ANRI Woodcarvings book is truly a lablor of love and it shows in every page. As you know, I started several years ago to produce a book on the subject. I must humbly admit that your book surpasses anything I could have done. You are the best! ..... Bob Keller, Pennsylvania

The book is a beauty! ..... Sue Theurich, New Jersey

I wanted to let you know earlier that your book arrived. I only have one word: AWESOME. I will be referencing it frequently. ..... Sandy Pike, Wisconsin

Your masterpiece arrived today! Beautiful and wonderful and lush, etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum! Only had time to go through once, but love it! ..... Helen Raye Thrasher, M. D., Alabama

I received the book today and it looks really good. I really like the section on bottle stoppers (good pictures). Its good to finally see a book with Anri bottle stoppers and information about them in it..... Bob Swensen, Illinois

Received the book and it is just beautiful!!!!! You should be very proud of a job well done!.....Priscilla Furbush, Massachusetts

I just got the books (ordered two) & they are beautiful & very informative. You both did a super job with it. Am so glad you decided to do it. Saw many things I had never seen before. Now I can throw out all the Ebay pages I have been collecting of items. It is a super book. Thank you both for doing it. Now I also have a reference for the insurance company.....Doris Konyha, Florida

...and Doris added this comment on the Stopper Club Site: The BOOK is a super reference for Anri. The company should be very proud of the your efforts. The photography is fantastic. Couldn't agree with Joe more regarding the choir of toothpick holders. They will put a smile on anyone's face. Any collector, whether new or advanced will find this book invaluable. Thank you both for all the hard work that went into this project.

My copy of the book arrived today. Congratulations! It's beautiful....and so much fun to look through. I love the book.....Susan Otto, Editor, Nutcracker Collector's Club Newsletter, Ohio

Just got my anri book ... well done. Most shops and dealers list ANRI as German and I need to set them straight.....George Hoffman, North Carolina

Your book came today and I was like the firefly that backed into an electric fan ... "delighted." You did an outstanding job in your presentation of ANRI collectibles. You effort will encourage many new collectors when they read and see how delightful these carvings can be. A job well done. Phil Masenheimer, Washington

I received my book on Friday of last week, a terrible week that it was, but I must say that the book was so welcome in such a bad time, and I for one want to thank you for getting it out to me. All I watched was bad news, and when I received your book I immersed myself into it and frankly, have not yet come out. So, thank you again, its truely a wonderful book, I love it. God bless you, and God bless America ..... Fred Krafton, Massachusetts

Got your book yesterday. It is wonderful. ..... Allen Locklin, Texas

What a gorgeous book. Filled with facts and info and written with a bit of a whimsical touch! I love it. ..... Lynne Balvin, California

The book arrived today. Looks very nice.....Harold Ginsberg, Maryland


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