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Saturday, September 27, 2003

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Wrong Way Nick!

Vancouver, Canada - Australian Nick Hunt has reported that he made a wrong turn on the way to Virginia. The last we heard from him he was leaving Monterey, California and heading East for the Virginia corkscrew meets.

Somehow Nick ended way up North in Vancouver, Canada where he visited collector Wayne Meadows (author of the Compendium of Bar Corkscrews.

Nick has adjusted his compass and he is now back on track for his cross country run.

Coming to the Big Apple

London, England - PCC Card Holder #1 Alf Erickson reports that he is leaving London today and heading for New York. In a letter to PCC members he says:

The last two PCC AGM's have been held in Asia ... in particular, in Bangkok ... in even more particular, in the greater entertainment zone known as Patpong.

This year, due to the danger surrounding the Bangkok hosted APEC meeting, the third AGM of the PCC will take place in rural Virginia (a state in the USA). Though the venue is certain the exact time of the meeting is not yet fixed in stone. But, it will probably be during the first double digit days of October. Charter members Amma, Ohmy and Gift have already cleared American Immigration and Customs and are preparing for their Interstate Highway ride up the US east coast.

Letter to the Editor


A new club has been formed. So far it consists of Peter Borrett, Chris Bristow, and myself. It is the "two-headed-two-tongued-Viking-ship-corkscrew club."

It seems that more often than not, when one runs across the two headed OSP40 Viking ship corkscrew, one of the dragon's tongues is invariably missing. We are not elitists however, anyone whom has a two-headed two-intact-tongues Viking corkscrew can join, however we must stress that the full tongues must be present. We have yet to have a meeting or publish a newsletter, but we are a loyal membership whom reads The Daily Screw religiously. Just thought I would mention it.

Josef L'Africain, Chicago, Illinois

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