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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Number 576

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Clarence O'Brien

Have you ever looked at letter openers while rummaging through a dealers "smalls" case looking for corkscrews? If yes, chances are you have seen a promotional one from Clarence O'Brien, Patent Attorney, offering his services and his procedures booklet.

The offer from O'Brien

If you responded to O'Brien, you would receive a letter thanking you for your inquiry and a large 48 page booklet. The booklet goes in to the steps of obtaining a patent. The booklet includes cost, preparations, patent protection information, and information about the three major types of patents: Mechanical Patents, Design Patents, and Patents for Compositions and Compounds. It also details a number of success stories as well as drawings - including corkscrews! The "Patent Guide for the Inventor" shown here is a 1936 edition from Clarence O'Brien and his attorney associate Hyman Berman. Harvey Jacobson appears on the cover of 1940s editions of the booklet. The first booklet was copyrighted in 1934 and only O'Brien's name appears on the cover.

Corkscrew drawings shown in the booklet.

So was O'Brien instrumental in obtaining any corkscrew patents for clients? Yes! His signature appears on Patent No. 1,981,104 of November 20, 134 issued to S. J. Heiner for a "Jar Opener and Closer" (with corkscrew); Patent No. 1,991,307 issued February 12, 1935 to W. H. Worden for a "Universal Handle for Kitchen Ware" (with corkscrew); and Patent No. 2,304,159 of December 8, 1942 to F. F. Florsheim for a "Combination Opener" (with corkscrew).

The signatures of both O'Brien and Harvey B. Jacobson appear on Patent No. 2,512,238 of June 20, 1950 issued to R. I. Nakamura for a "Frame with Slidable Tool Bit" (with corkscrew); Patent No. 2,524,595 of October 3, 1950 issued to H. E. Jacobsen for a "Corkscrew with Pivoted Lateral Protection'; and Patent No. 2,717,526 issued September 13, 1955 to W. J. Cronin for a "Closure Opener with Slidably Adjustable Gripper" (with corkscrew).

O'Brien was the attorney of record for many other patents but perhaps his most notable one is number 3,815,156 issued June 11, 1974 to Albert C. Gaither of Newton, North Carolina and assigned to the Ridgeview Hosiery Mill Company:

Nap Time

The pillow pictured above was gifted to members of the CCCC attending the annual meeting in August. A perfect gift for those who were flying home and napping during their flights! A King's Screw is depicted with two bottles of wine and a glass.

Two pillows from Gump's, San Francisco.

The "Art of Winemaking" pillow depicts a Screwpull
and a wood double action extractor.

One of the pillows in this tapestry set shows a Screwpull corkscrew.

A pillow made by Deborah Bull from material purchased on the Internet.

This blanket design by Stephanie Marrott features A King's Screw, a Heeley A-1,
a Chinnock, and a Walker with each repeated three times in the pattern.

"The Art of Winemaking" blanket complements the pillow.

In the May 24, 2009 issue we included a number of "Time Pieces" from Cafe Press.
Above is a selection of their corkscrew pillows currently offered for $20 each.

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