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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Number 558

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Corkscrew Time Pieces

From Popular Mechanics magazine November 1913

Time flies when you are having fun! It has been six years since some time pieces appeared in The Weekly Screw (April 5, 2003). Resurrecting those pieces and adding many more was inspired by the find of the article on the wedding gift to Kaiser Wilhelm's daughter (above).

Champagne bottle with non-functioning Seth Thomas clock
with a "Premier Champagne 2000" label to celebrate the new millennium.

Slate clock with painting by Tara, 1997.
Clock copyrighted 1997 by Pink Cloud, Sharon, Connecticut. 8 3/4" x 8 3/4".

"IN VINO VERITAS" ten inch corkscrew clock currently sold by at $24.95.
Available in several colors.

Two clocks from
"Drink No Wine Before Its Time! It's Time!" and a French Army Knife.

Two more clocks from

...and one more time from

The Maurin Quina clock is based on the famous poster created by Italian-born Leonetto Cappiello. The father of French art posters, this brilliant piece is his most famous image. On the right is a devil pulling a cork from a bottle with a corkscrew on his backside. It is marked ©TARANIS 2001 W.U.I. In March 2003, the "Pewter Devil Wine Cork Screw" was selling for $12.95 or three for $24.90. By December 2003, the mailorder firm Design Toscano had reduced the price to $7.95 or three for $14.95.

Clock given as a given to ICCA members attending the 2008 meeting.
(Courtesy of Paul & Anne Luchsinger)

Corkscrew Watches

Left: Watch from reader Kenn Cameron
Right: Presented to members attending the 2009 meeting of the CCCC
(Courtesy of John & Martha Morris)

Left: Titan Watch
Right: Lady's Watch with ICCA logo

Titan Watch with ICCA logo
A gift to members attending the Y2K meeting in Germany
(Courtesy of Dr. Wolfgang Handel)

Swiss Army Watches with digital clock

Screwed Again

Corkscrew Chives

Reader Robert Cordy writes "Photo taken at the Boise Botanical Gardens ... See, we have lots of corkscrew stuff here in Idaho." For more corkscrew gardening stories see February 3, 2008 (Horticulture Issue), February 10, 2008 (Horticulture Issue 2), May 11, 2008 (Red Tailed Helix), and July 8, 2007 (Carroll's Wife's Garden),

Bronze Wax Seal Corkscrew

Reader Ed Wolffe writes: "Here's a photo of a recent purchase. I have not been able to find anything on the wax seal-corkscrew bronze. Any thoughts?" Email.

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