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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

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Hiering Goes Over the Top

Newark, New Jersey, February 12, 1929 - U. S. Patent 1,701,950 was granted to William C. Hiering today for his "Pocket Corkscrew." The patent was assigned to the J. E. Mergott Co. of Newark that will be manufacturing it. Mergott also makes the JEM Jr. 120 Girl Scout metal box camera, matchbook holders, brass advertising calendars, advertising mirrors, and other advertising novelties.

After detailing his improvements on the pocket corkscrew, Hiering says of other pocket corkscrews: "Other devices of a foldable nature are also known, but all are more or less objectionable for a variety of reasons, such as, incomplete encasement, liability of becoming inadvertently unfolded from the sheath, lack of adequate strength at the joint, inadequacy of handle leverage, weakness for average work to be performed, etc."

The handle of the corkscrew is formed to include a cap lifter which goes over the top of a crown cap and by pushing down on the handle, the cap is removed.

Hotel Operator's Delight

Newport News, Virginia, February 12, 1929 - Raymond Brown was just awarded American patent No. 1,702,149 for a combination bottle opener and corkscrew that he applied for in October, 1926.

Brown says, "Hotel operators have experienced considerable damage to furniture caused by patrons attemped to remove metal caps from bottles by squeezing said caps between edges of drawers or between drawers or between door and dorr frames, also by placing such caps on the edges of furniture; also by placing corks in similar position."

His patent claim is: "A cork remover having a base designed to be secured to a flat surface and provided with a hollow forwardly projecting recessed portion intermediate the ends thereof, a corkscrew pivotally mounted exteriorly of said portion to swing in a vertical plane, and a means on the upper end of said base for holding the end of said corkscrew in inoperative position."

The patent will be manufactured in Newport News by Brown Manufacturing Company. Brown plans to market his patent with and without the corkscrew to bottlers of soda and beer.


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  4. Famous walking stick: Unclean Tamer
  5. Prohibition: Finest Lord

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