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Monday, April 7, 2003

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How do you spell Vallandingham?

Oskaloosa, Iowa, April 7, 1908 - Mahaska County inventor William T. Vallandingham has received United States Patent Number 883.988 for his new "Cork-Extractor."

William says he set out to produce a "simple, cheap and convenient article that can be carried in the pocket or on a key ring, and used for extracting corks from stoppered bottles."

To operate Bill's tool, you insert the sharp edge of it between the bottle and the stopper (cork) in the flat position. Once the hook is below the cork, you turn the extractor so the hook is under it. Then you pull the cork up. Bill did a quick demonstration and it took a little extra effort to pull the cork up but he succeeded and we toasted his new invention.

Vallandingham's extractor will be produced by the Val-Ber Pull Company in Oskaloosa. Vallandingham also expects to sign contracts with Clauss Fremont, Ohio; Utica Cutlery Co., Utica, New York; Allery, New York; and others who want to use his invention as one of the tools in their tool kits.

Southwest Michigan - Above: An example of the Vallandingham patent marked VAL-BER PULL CO., OSKALOOSA, IOWA, PAT APR 7-08 from the collection of Herb Danziger.

What is this?

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