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Friday, August 15, 2003

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Keep Your Bubbles

Barcelona, Spain, August 15, 1928 - Yesterday Alfonso Oliveras Guerris was granted United States Patent Number 1,680,676 for his "Bottle Dispensing Device."

Guerris says "The methods employed up to the present for emptying beverages containing dissolved gases from their containing vessels have all the great disadvantages that the vessel must be completely emptied once it has been opened because the liquid becomes flat once the cork has been removed. "

Although Guerris claims his invention is an "entirely new apparatus", his idea of partially dispensing aerated beverages and preserving the bubbly in the rest of the contents, has been around since the last century. The champagne or soda water tap is screwed through a cork and there is a hole in the base to allow liquid to flow through the top valve when it is opened.

Guerris tool is made in Barcelona and is marked INDUS PATENTADO.

August is National Golf Month

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