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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Number 566

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New Zealand Whisky Rebellion

In the December 12, 2003, we published a letter from Ron MacLean about his enamel steel water jugs with ice catching spouts advertising Teachers Highland Cream Scotch Whisky. Ron wrote "In 1913, William Manera Bergius, a nephew of Adam Teacher, devised and patented the now familiar replaceable cork (i.e. a cork with a wooden cap, which did not require a corkscrew): Highland Cream was described as 'the self-opening bottle', and it was advertised with the slogan 'Bury the Corkscrew'."

A much more aggressive campaign to "bury the corkscrew" hit the pages of the New Zealand Truth in 1928. Each of the White Horse Whisky advertisements proclaimed "No Corkscrew Required!"

May 3, 1928

May 10, 1928

May 24, 1928

June 14, 1928

July 11, 1929

Johnnie Walker also jumped on the bandwagon with the New Zealand campaign. Walker advertisements included a few corkscrew drawings:

August 22, 1929

August 29, 1929

September 19, 1929

December 12, 1929

December 19, 1929

December 26, 1929

December 18, 1930

Others joining in the campaign of the period were McNish, Dewar, and McCallum. Here are some of their adverisements from the New Zealand Truth:

July 24, 1930

August 28, 1930

October 10, 1929

November 7, 1929

September 21, 1929

Kurketrekker Overbodig

This advertisment appeared in Leeuwarder Courant (Netherlands) on November 24, 1955

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