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Sunday, January 14, 2007

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The Corkscrew / Whistle Gallery

Bone Whistle; Uneedit Whistle*; a Bosun's Whistle

French Horn Handle Whistle marked DEPOSE; Horn Handle Whistle


Picnic Whistle; Picnic Whistle in pewter; Picnic Whistle**; Whistle with Key Ring

Roundlet Whistles

Extended Roundlet Whistle**; Carriage Key Roundlet with Whistle

Horsehead Whistle**; Iron Whistle**; Late 20th Century Whistle (If You Want Me Whistle)

Early 19th Century Multi-blade knife with Whistle

The Luterman Whistle**

*Peter Borrett reports the Uneedit "...was advertised in the Victorian catalogue Spratt’s Gamekeepper’s Sundriesas follows: 'A neat, compact and useful combination tool, comprising corkscrew, cigar-cutter, dog whistle, turnscrew (capped) and cartridge extractor for both 12 and 16 bore. Nickel-silvered.'"

**Submitted by Leonard & Debbie McDowell


Group shot for size relationships

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Corkscrew Palm in Zanzibar

Editor's Note: For the story of another corkscrew tree see the May 5, 2004 issue.

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