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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Number 498

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A Very Expensive Corkscrew

Frank Sveid, a designer living in Brussels, Belgium, used 52 pieces of aviation Titanium, an 18 karat gold ring, and a screw to create the world's most expensive corkscrew. It went into production in November, 2007 and Sveid has already sold a few. Sveid said “For the connoisseur, opening a bottle of fine wine is similar to the Japanese tea ceremony. Our corkscrew is like a work of art and it can open wine in a far more elegant way.”

The price: £36,000. The production is limited to 100 pieces.

The Presentation Box

The presentation case is veneered in hand sawed palm tree. The inside of the case is finished with shagreen and crystal. The wooden parts are individually machined. Each component is hand adjusted, hand finished and polished. The name of the owner engraved on the case. Each case is signed and numbered.

Frank Sveid

Sveid was Born in Montreux, Switzerland and now lives in Brussels. Sveid is a dentist by profession, owned a restaurant in Brussels, and is an artist. The corkscrew design was fifteen years in the works.

For more photos of the corkscrew and additional information, see

Editor's note: I put this corkscrew on my Christmas wish list and gave the list to my wife. Christmas came and went. No corkscrew. After Christmas a number of readers sent links to various webpages having details about the corkscrew. Perhaps it was on their wish lists also?

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