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Saturday, November 1, 2003

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Bargains Are Still Out There

Yes, bargains are still out there. I was in Denver on Monday the 27th of October, wandering South Broadway, their antiques street. At a shop I visit every time I am out there (he carries some corkscrews) I spot a Strait Patent, fully marked, in very good condition. The tag says $75. He wouldn't bargain, but he did give me 10% off for cash. I waited until I was outside to shout and jump. Probably my best bargain ever.

Larry Gralla

Oh What A Knight - Part 2

Chicago, Illinois - In the July 24 issue we reported on a Josef L'Africain's purchase of a Syroco Golden Knight at $40.00 through a "Buy it now" offering on July 17. This came on the heels of another selling for $2599.99. On July 28 another sold at a record breaking $3175.52.

Josef has done it again! On October 8 he bought another knight at auction but this time for only $19.99!

Congratulations Josef.

Your Great Find

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Auction Action

Wirtz, Virginia - 238 corkscrew lots are now listed on ebay. The first batch begins closing on Sunday, November 2.

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