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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Number 564

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More Advertising Bows

P. Robertet & CIE from the collection of Riccardo Guidi

This announcement appeared in the February 24, 1897 issue of the American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record under the title "A New Essential Oil House":

The well-known house of P. Robertet & Cie, of Grasse, France, manufacturers of concrete essences, pomades, essential oils, etc. have appointed the fimr of Copeland, Simonsen & Selwyn, of No. 167 Greene street, New York, their exclusive agents for this country.

In 1875 Paul Robertet acquired the firm of François Chauve who founded his company in 1850. In 1888 P. Robertet & Cie. was incorporated. The company is still in operation.

Martinazzi from the collection of Riccardo Guidi

Both sides of the Martinazzi bow

From Ministero delle poste e dei telegrafi - 1899

The Italian bitters drink Martinazzi Bitter was introduced in 1864 in Turin. In 1928 Ernst Luginbühl-Bögli bought the rights to produce the bitter in Switzerland. It is still available today.

A folding bow with knife submitted by Jack Bandy, Ron MacLean, and Anders Villemoes. For more Heidseick corkscrews and information, see the August 24, 2008 issue.

Anders Villemoes submitted this photo of his Dewar's Scotch Whisky bow which has a different style than the Dewar's shown in the June 21, 2009 issue.

In the June 21, 2009 issue, a bow from D. Waters & Son is marked XMAS 1924. Jack Bandy submitted this photo of his marked XMAS 1905. he writes "The Waters one is interesting, since the one you have is 1924 and mine is 1905. They not only must have been in business for quite a few years, but I wonder if they put out a corkscrew at Christmas every year? If so, where are those from 1906-1923, and possibly for the years before and after?"

In the June 21, 2009 issue a bow from J. Palugyay & Sohne in Pressburg, Hungary is shown. That one had advertising on the flat surface of the top. This one has the advertising on the side.

This bow has "Arey Wine Co., Salis. N. C." (Salisbury, North Carolina) on one side and the manufacturer's name (Williamson's) on the other.


Folding bows can be found with the manufacturers or distributors names stamped on them. Here are a few examples:

Left: Hill Haymarket. Thomas Hill was located at 4 Haymarket, London opposite the Opera House. In an 1874 directory the company was listed as a "Cutleery and Skate Manufactory."

Center: Weiss

Right: Storey, 246 Regent St.

Left: Holtzappel, 64 Charing + (Charing Cross)

Center: Lund

Right: Edwards & Sons, 161 Regent St. W.*

*From an 19th Century list of royal warrant holders

Top left: Robt Jones & Son Maker

Top right: R. Jones & Son

Bottom left: F. Pigall, Ruppert St. W.*

Bottom center: Marked GERMANY with Henckels Twins trademark on reverse

Bottom right: Baker & Co.

*Pigall advertisement from Tips published in 1901 George M. Kelson.

Three variations marked WILLIAMSON'S on top. Williamson was a well known manufacturer of a great variety of corkscrews in Newark, New Jersey.

Carlo Viarengo's British Patent No. 10,668 or May 10, 1898.

Lador - S. A., St. Croix, Switzerland

Bellevue (from the collection of Riccardo Guidi)

Stacy, 4 Newgate St. (from the collection of Riccardo Guidi). K & F Stacy were cutlers located at 4 Newgate So., London.

And one of the most desired bow - marked SINGLETON.

Wm. Young in the Box

In the August 7, 2003 issue we noted the various boxes found for characters based on Aldo Colombo's 1984 U. S. design patent. It was noted that nothing was known about William Young. Now reader Warren McGoldrick Australia has turned up Wm. Young in a "The Foleys Bartender" box shown here.

Cheaper Fencing from New Zealand

This advertisement appeared in the September 26, 1929 edition of the New Zealand Truth.

For more on corkscrew fencing see June 24, 2007, July 8, 2007, December 16, 2007, and April 19, 2009.

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