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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Number 531

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Charles Heidsieck

Reader and regular contributor Jean Grignon from Canada reports finding this fabulous advertisement for Charles Heidsieck Champagne in Quebec City. The large display is 12" x 48". There is a corkscrew on the table. Here are the scenes:

Heidsieck Gallery

The Heidsieck cellar was founded in 1785 by Florens-Louis Heidsieck in Reims. Three nephews of Florens-Louis produced their own Heidsieck. Christian joined Florens-Louis' Champagne House in 1800 and took control in 1828. The widow of Christian Heidsieck produced Piper Heidsieck (Piper was the name of her husband in her second marriage). Nephew Henri-Louis Walbaum started his business as Walbaum, Heidsieck & Co. He registered the name Monopole in 1860. Charles Heidsieck created his Champagne House in 1851 using his own name for his product. And, yes, they did have legal battles over the use of the Heidsieck name. All three brands are available today.

Four Heidsieck advertising knives with corkscrews.
Top left: Mother-of-Pearl scales
Top right: Three blade knife by A. Sarry, Thiers
Bottom left: Knife with sliding worm by Henckels
Bottom right: Knife with wire cutter by John Watts

Hugh McBride's May 19, 1888 British Patent No. 7431. The cork shaped handle is has advertising for Heidsieck & Co., Reims, Dry Monopole.

Left: A letter opener advertising Heidsieck & Co. Dry Monopole with the handle in the form of a bottle.

Right: A paper folding fan depicting a bottle of Charles Heidsieck Champagne.


Reader Hans Turler writes about his corkscrew find: "On the flight to Vancouver two years ago the stewardess opened a bottle of wine with the corkscrew shown above. I asked her if I - as a corkscrew addict - could buy one of these. Unfortunately the purser standing nearby heard that and said NO! As he is responsible for the guests security he could not allow that. What a pity, I resigned.

At the end of the flight the stewardess came with something wrapped in a napkin and said: 'Please do not tell that to the purser.' I opened the napkin and what did I find in it? The LUFTHANSA CORKSCREW.

Where is it?

Submitted by Robert Cordy

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