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Thursday, August 7, 2003

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Pierre the Sommelier

Milan, Italy, August 7, 1984 - Aldo Colombo has been granted United States Design Patent Number 274,974 for his Corkscrew design. He applied for the patent in March of 1982 citing earlier patents by Flauder (Prohibition figure spoon combination tool), Rettich (Penguin), Gemelli (figural double lever), and Schuchardt (Old Snifter).

The patent drawing is Pierre the Sommelier which is offered in silverplate by Landes Marketing Corporation of New York city. The double lever corkscrew is made in Italy.

Although they are not shown in the patent drawing, Pierre has some friends based on the Colombo design:

Arnold, Bacchus and
The Wine Taster

William Young

Wirtz, Virginia, August 7, 2003, Editor's Notes:

Arnold has been found in box labeled "Made in China for Davco Silver Ltd."

Bacchus Spirit of Wine and Joy, has been found in a box labeled "Copyright Godinger 1983 Italy." It came with a fold out card that tells "The Legend of Bacchus."

The Wine Taster has been found in a box labeled "Leonard Silver Mfg. Towle Company." and "No. 612, copyright 1983 Leonard, Hong Kong." The Wine Taster has made a new appearance in a 1999 catalog from Design Toscano as "Fra Luigi".

Although William Young has been found in brass and silverplate, his origin is not known.

August is National Golf Month

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