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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

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Lionel Street Activity

Birmingham, England, March 18, 1921 - Down at 80 Lionel Street, Charles Thomas Willetts has been tinkering with corkscrew designs. Willetts says he's tired of opening his drawer to fetch a corkscrew and getting pricked with the end of the worm. It seems that most of the folding corkscrew designs have the tip of the worm exposed. When carried in a pocket, the worm can also get entangled in the clothing.

Charles has used a piece sheet metal to form a u-shape handle so that the tip of the worm is protected when it is folded up for storage. He has also included a crown cork lifter on the neckstand. The sheet metal will have ample space for advertising beer and other products. Willetts has been granted United Kingdom Patent Number 177,694 for his invention.

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