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Monday, January 19, 2004

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Perille's Diamant

Paris, France - On this date in 1888, Jacques Perille was granted French Patent Number 186,560 for his "Diamant" open frame corkscrew. The Diamant is distinctly marked on the side of the frame DIAMANT JHP PARIS and BTE S.G.D.G. 24 OCT. 1887. The 1887 mark is the date of application.

Thill and Küll

Solingen, Germany - On this date in 1893 Thill and Küll registered their "Pocket corkscrew with champagne wire cutter" in Germany. The number assigned was 10985. The cutlery manufacturer was founded in Solingen, Germany in 1885.

The example on the left in our photograph is marked G.M.S. No. 10985. The scissors corkscrew on the top has an ornate design on German silver handles. When not in use, the handles are folded with finger holes together protecting the worm.

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