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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

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New York, New York, May 21, 1929 - Manual Avillar has been granted a design patent (U. S. No. 78,554) for his "Bottle Seal Remover." His design is in the form of a parrot with the beak / mouth shaped to lift a bottle cap from a bottle.

The opener is packaged in a box labelled "Polly Bottle Opener and Ice Cracker. Practical and useful. Bill removes caps, tail pulls corks, base cracks ice. Chromium plated." Arrangements were made with Negbaur in New York to produce the parrot. Although the patent depicts only a crown cap lifter, the parrot is also produced with a corkscrew tail.

Two size versions of the parrot are 5" and 6 1/4". It is available in a chrome finish, bronze finish, painted finish, and can be purchased with rhinestones. A detailed feather version is also available.

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