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Christmas Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand - Alf and Watcharee Erickson have returned to Bangkok from their New York - Virginia - Florida - London adventure. Watcharee joined The Daily Screw corkscrew Christmas shopping staff and returned to a shop which she found in Bangkok back in September. In the shop was a mother lode of Thai corkscrews. At that time, Alf reported "Watcharee found corkscrews... in a little shop ... tucked down a flight of stairs ... at the end of a long corridor ... in a dark corner ... in a little case. Such beautiful designs! OK, I haven't tried either one ... and maybe the 'nail' on the thicker piece may be more of a pain than a pleasure ... but they are the first two corkscrews that I've found (err ... Watcharee found) that came from the mind of a Thai artist."

On this second visit to the store, Watcharee found even more corkscrews in the shop. She picked out a particular handsome one to gift to Alf. When she returned home, Alf couldn't wait until Christmas to see his new gift. He had a special bottle of wine to accompany the evening meal and this time he wanted to try a Thai corkscrew. He reports:

"As can be seen from the accompanying photographs the beautifully designed corkscrew falls far short of doing its job. The sharp point....though thought to facilitate a bulls-eye pierce...needs quite a nasty push to even penetrate the cork to the point where the 'screw' can get its purchase. And, when the flimsy (too thin?) screw starts to bite...well, it just plain bends back on itself. The whole mechanism is left ruined....the cork is damaged....and, more important, the cork is left un-budged."

There will be no wine with dinner tonight!

A special thank you to Watcharee for shopping for corkscrews and for today's masthead.

Christmas Shopping in Your Home Town

Wirtz, Virginia - Readers, share your corkscrew shopping experiences with other readers. Take your digital camera and notepad to your local department store and send us a picture of what they are selling and for how much. Or try your local wine retailer, grocery store, or 7-1l. What's available in Paris? London? Brussels? Reykjavik? Boston? Moscow? Tokyo? Join our corkscrew shoppers and let us know what you find.


Wirtz, Virginia - Yesterday we started (?) a trade section in The Daily Screw with this:

I purchased The Old Codger at auction. Guess what? I received one as a gift. I would like to trade for The Waiter or something else. Email George Snow.

Today we received this message:

I emailed George and he is sending a photo next week of his Old Codger in exchange for an extra waiter I have...that said, have you considered setting up a posting site where people could offer up tradebait, and others could respond? Trading only! No money exchanging hands. And, you could limit it to those that subscribe to The Daily Screw. Josef L'Africain.

Readers, what do you think? Do you have something to trade?

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