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Sunday, Octoberr 14, 2007

Number 483

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Champagne Fans +

Champagne Fans are colorful go-withs for the corkscrew / Champagne opener collection. Here is a small gallery of a few fans, Champagne postcards, and Champagne knives.

The folding Champagne knife on the left is marked BREVÉTÉ S.G.D.G. It was patented in France on April 12, 1880 by the Solingen, Germany firm of Böntgen and Sabin (Pat. No. 136.066). The handles have a flipover lock when closed.

On the right from top to bottom are:

Knife with corkscrew advertising "Champagne 'DeLossy-Holden'"
Knife advertising "Alexandre Dumas, Verneuil-Près-Eperney Champagne"
Fixed blade knife marked VERITABLE SAUZEDE and adverting "Moët & Chandon, Mason Fondée * EN1743"
Fixed blade knife marked with M*G in an oval and advertising "Bouché-Fills & Co. Mareuil-Sur-Ay

Champagne knifes from top to bottom:

Fixed blade with brush - not marked
Fixed blade with brush marked G. DOWLER'S PATENT
Fixed blade marked FARROW & JACKSON LTD.

A fixed blade Champagne knife with brush and folding worm - not marked

From left to right:

Horn handle fixed blade knife marked RODGERS CUTLERS TO HIS MAJESTY
Bottle shape with folding Champagne knife marked G J
Large wood Champagne bottle with fixed blade - not marked

From top to bottom:

Fixed blade - not marked
Fixed blade with brush - not marked

A decorative silver Champagne knife with corkscrew. This is Ed Wüsthof's registered design No. 356,791 of September 28, 1908.

Top: Champagne knife with corkscrew. The blade is marked SLATER BROTHERS SHEFFIELD.
Bottom: Champagne knife with brush and corkscrew (short). Marked CHAMPAGNE KNIFE JONATHAN CROOKES (Sheffield - early 19th Century).

Four Champagne bottle shape knives with two blades and corkscrews. Advertising plates on the bottles are "J. Bertier & Cie, Saumur"; "Pol Roger & Co., Epernay Champagne"; "Crépaux.P.F. Villefranche" (blade marked DEPOSE); and "Ch. Decazanove Champagne Estab. 1811" (blade marked SAUZEDE BIAT)".

A Champagne bottle shape knife with a wire cutter and corkscrew. The cutter has a lock at the bottom.

Top: A two blade knife with a sliding corkscrew advertising "Charles Heidsieck". The master blade is marked PAUL A. HENCKELS SOLINGEN.
Bottom: A knife with master blade, locking wire cutter and corkscrew. The wire cutter is marked WATT'S PATENT and the master blade is marked JOHN WATTS SHEFFIELD.

More on Israeli Corkscrews

The Israeli cat on the left has a price tag on the bottom (see below). The cat on the right was made in Austria for New York retailer Rena Rosenthal (see mark on right below).

Another corkscrew from the Pal Bell Catalog

Reader Ed Wolfe found an Airedale marked MADE IN ISRAEL on the bottom of the front feet (above left). The worm is slightly different from the one reported earlier.

Editor's note: These and previous additions are now included in the original issue on Israeli corkscrews.

Christmas Hooks

Just in time for Christmas, these "corkscrew" devices are being offered on eBay. Here's the description: "This is a Vintage Christmas Angel "Apple" Ornaments imported directly from Germany in the 1960's or 1970s. In there original packaging! Brand new - never used! The idea is to use these to hang apples from your tree!. These have build in hooks for hanging on your tree, or for other decorations. They also have corkscrews for drilling in an apple. The ornaments are created from highly detailed molded plastic, with hand painting. They range are about 3" Tall. You get all six ornaments in this auction. These are Brand New, Vintage Old Stock. Imported from East Germany. These are coming right out of a shipment that has been in the back of a warehouse for over 30 years. Beautiful detailing, a wonderful item with old world precision workmanship."

1893 Corkscrew Stabbing

From the June 15, 1893 edition of the New York Times (submitted by Mark Woodard)

Badly Wounded with a Corkscrew

John Smidt of 40 Rose Street was held without bonds yesterday in the Essex Market Police Court on a charge of stabbing Henry Lang of 392 East Houston Street Sunday night with a corkscrew. Lang is at his home, suffering from a deep and dangerous wound.

In court Smidt said his wife deserted him six months ago in Germany and came to the United States with 500 marks of his money. He followed her and found she was living with Lang. He forgave her, and for three weeks they lived together. Sunday she disappeared. He went to Lang's home just in time to see his wife throw her arms around Lang's neck and kiss him.

This enraged Smidt and he picked up a corkscrew and stabbed Lang.

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