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Sunday, July 27, 2003

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Corkscrew Reflecting Antimatter

The transformation of a particle into an anti-particle corresponds to a certain symmetry C, which is called "charge conjugation". Geometrically we can say that, in Kaluza's description, this changes x5 into -x5.

Richard Feynman produced a different description of antimatter. According to him, an anti-electron could be considered as an ordinary electron but navigating in reverse time and possessing an opposite spin. That is to say it was "in a mirror" with respect to the ordinary electron whose image it became. This mirror symmetry is called enantiomorphism. Your right and left hands are enantiomorphs. The image of a corkscrew in a mirror is enantiomorphic with respect to a corkscrew-object.

Submitted by Alf Erickson

Letters to the Editor

Gay Pride

The month of June was Gay Pride month and not one mention was made in The Daily Screw. Just in case you missed the Gay Pride Parade, I was able to capture this great photograph.

Confused, Fire Island, New York


According to CNN (and Australian astronomers) the visible universe contains 70 sextillion stars. That's a 7 followed by 22 zeros. Even if only one in a billion had intelligent life on one of its planets think of all the corkscrews.

Alf Erickson

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