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Sunday, May 14, 2006

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The Vatican Corkscrew Club

Vatican City - After lengthy and painstaking research, Danny Arensman of the Netherlands, has found evidence that there is a corksrew collecting club in the Vatican. Some members are pictured here.

Travelling with Jean

Eastman, Quebec, Canada - Reader Jean Grignon reports "Here are some pictures from my hunt in France for corkscrews."

Wine Labels

Stamps for Museé Du Tire Bouchon

Michigan Plate Available

Lansing, Michigan - According to the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles, this license plate is available:

Drawing Corks

My Father draws such prime things.
What, landscape? No, better than that. "Portraits, then?
Better than that. "Not history? No, when there is a large dinner,
He draws the corks out of the wine bottles.

Corkscrew Mystery

Wirtz, Virginia - Does anyone have any information on this tool kit with corkscrew or any similar examples? Age? Manufacturer? Catalog pages? Other details?

The top of the large knurled nut is marked PATS. APPLD FOR.

Editor's Note: There were no responses to last week's Corkscrew Mystery.

Tourism - The Corkscrew Railroad

Bennington, Vermont - When wealthy North Bennington resident Trenor Park purchased the Bennington-Rutland Railroad, he found that the railroad "barons" of the Troy and Boston Railroad refused him access to their New York lines. Rather than fight this monopoly, Park built a rail line from Bennington to Lebanon Spring, NY where he could transfer his trains to southbound rails while bypassing Troy. The dozens of tight turns over 40 miles of hilly terrain gave this stretch of railroad the name "Corkscrew." Passenger service was canceled in 1931 and the line was officially abandoned in 1953. Remnants of the old rail bed can be seen where it crossed the highway.

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