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Tuesday, September 9, 2003

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More Murderous Corkscrews

Yesterday's story about the corkscrew murder in Africa reminded me of my recent find. It is an interesting combination game and 1000 piece 23" x 29" jigsaw puzzle called Foul Play & Cabernet.

The Art Deco style blood-soaked corkscrew is the murder weapon.

It is a mystery jigsaw thriller with a secret puzzle image. The story by Henry Slesar is about brilliant winemakers, Harry Bloom and Ernie Field. Their arguments were as full bodied as their wine and their hatred was fermented by their love of the same woman, Field's wife. You read the vintage mystery of an intoxicating and deadly secret, assemble the puzzle, and solve the crime by stomping out the truth.

It is a 1994 release from BePuzzled marketed by Lombard Marketing Inc., Bloomfield, CT.

Kenn Cameron, Massachusetts

More Ideal

Imagine my surprise, after reading Sunday's edition of The Daily Screw, when on a one-half price table at the local flea market what did I see, but a flash of red plastic. "AH HA!," I thought, and I forked over my dollar fifty.

Josef L'African, Illinois

One More Round

I enjoyed the numerous golf related corkscrews pictured in The Daily Screw during August Golf Month. Here in Québec, we're getting in just a couple more rounds before winter sets in and we head South. Here are our carts and clubs.

Jean Grignon, Quebec, Canada

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