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Wednesday, October 1, 2003

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Bring on the Vegetables

Everywhere - Today is World Vegetarian Day World. October 1 was first designated as vegetarian day in 1977. It was started to make people aware of the environmental and health benefits of being a vegetarian. With Foot and Mouth and Mad Cow diseases making headlines, the vegetarian movement continues to grow.

,But what wines do you pair with which vegetables?

Show Me!

Missouri, The Show Me State - At 4:35 PM MST today Nick Hunt reported that he was fifty miles North of Kansas City, Missouri and headed for an overnight stay with corkscrew collector Bob Anthony. Nick had headed East out of Washington, stopped for a peek at Mount Rushmore and turned South to the flatlands of America.

The Australian says he has stopped in a number of antique malls and shops but thus far has only found (and passed up) a few Williamson wood handle corkscrew and cheesy painted wooden people bar sets sitting on benches.

Nick also had a brief conversation with PCC member Gift. Gift reports "Hello corkscrew people. My name is Gift and I am from Bangkok, in Thailand. I am one of the first members of the Patpong Screw Cork Club. I just telephoned Khun Nick but I only got a funny squeak noise after he talked to the phone. I said I missed him and does he miss me. He liked me when we had our #2 MGA meeting where I work....King's Club. Khun Erickson was with us. Hope to see you screw people in upper America."

Letter to the Editor

Flying with Corkscrews

With all these club members and others converging on VA, some certainly flying, I thought it was time for an update to your "update on flying with corkscrews". Having just flown domestically, I used the occasion to ask several TSA agents about the issue. Uniformly, I was told that corkscrews are allowed in carry-ons as long as they do not have a foil cutter or any other type of blade. Sure enough, on one of the legs of my flight, the gentleman before me had a corkscrew in his bag (a simple double lever), which he was allowed to bring on board.

Ishai Nir

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