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Monday, September 15, 2003

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A Reader Calls

Kansas City - Bob Anthony who has avidly read The Daily Screw from the inception of publication on February 11 phoned The Daily Screw today.

Bob: Did you get the picture I sent of the French Army Knife?

Editor: Yep, here it is.

Bob: You sure created a lot of controversy when you were running those war stories and pictures earlier this year.

Editor: Yep.

Bob: But, hey, it's your paper.

Editor: Yep. But it is for all of you faithful readers.

Bob: Can you tell the world my new email address?

Editor: Yep:

Bob: What's in store for us in The Daily Screw?

Editor: Looks like a quiet week, Bob. We're hoping some of our readers have stories to tell. Perhaps another "My First Screw" or "My Favorite Screw" story. Or any corkscrew tale.

Bob: I guess this conversation could make the news tomorrow.

Editor: Yep.

Bob: Bye.

Editor: Bye Bob.

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