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Saturday, March 29, 2003

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Mightier Sword

Solingen, Germany, March 29, 1949 - Artur Griep has received German Patent No. 887,711 for a new cigar cutter (Zigarrenabschneider) design. The sliding cutter is pulled up and the cigar tip is inserted into a hole. The cutter is now depressed and the tip is cut.

Griep will be marketing the cigar cutter in several forms including a letter opener design with concealed corkscrew.


Meurthe-et-Moselle, France, March 29, 1920 - M. Marie Léon Joseph Bart has received French Patent No. 503,957 for a corkscrew in the "Lazy Tongs" style. The corkscrew will be manufactured in Nancy and marketed under the name "Zig Zag."

Editor's Note: Bart patented a second Zig Zag in 1928. The example in the accompanying photo pictures the 1920 patent on the left. The 1928 patent ws the addition of the cap lifters at the top of the levers.

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