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Thursday, October 30, 2003

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Tickling Teackle

Wirtz, Virginia - Yesterday's Teackle story generated a number of reader comments:

It is clear that the bar tools of Teackle should be reunited. Due to the distance between MacLean and Bandy (Canada and California), I would suggest that the tools be reunited in Chicago. Appropriate trades would be offered in exchange. And, the world would be right again ... Josef L'Africain, Illinois

E. W. Teackle is a Civil War era spelling (*) of A. L. Erickson. All the pieces should be "returned" to their original owner or his only living descendant: me ... Alf Erickson, Florida (currently)

Great story about Teackle's bar set. Please keep them coming ... John Cornell, Florida

What a great tale! A top edition of The Daily Screw ... Bob Anthony, Missouri

In case you missed the Teackle story: October 29


Wirtz, Virginia - Over 200 lots are now listed on ebay.

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