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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Number 594

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Popping Corks: Champagne Collectibles

From the desk of the editor:

Joe and I are making very good progress on the book. Many of you readers have already sent snapshots of your collection of Champagne items. Thank you.

In addition to taps, grippers, nippers, knives, bin markers, and bottle tickets, do you have any unusual pieces? Here are some images that include some things we are looking for:

If you haven't already done so (thank you if you have), please take snapshots of your taps, grippers, nippers, bin labels, bottle tickets, and other items and email them to Limit photos included in each email to 5MB. We will then let you know what we need following these guidelines:

Photo instructions

  1. Use a digital camera with a minimum of 6 megapixels
  2. On your camera menu select the finest / highest quality image / resolution
  3. Use a white background - large piece of paper or poster board using dull side works best
  4. Curl the paper against a wall and place object toward the front
  5. Fill the frame with the object(s) leaving a slight border
  6. Shoot downward at a slight angle which will reduce hot spots so we can silhouette them better
  7. Photos taken outside on a dull day can be improved using a flash
  8. Do not shoot under fluorescent lighting

Sending photos

  1. Do not alter the photos - send full size
  2. Email photo(s) with a combined email size of 5 megabytes or less - send multiple emails if necessary Information


  1. We will need any details including marks and other important information you might have.
  2. Your suggested values, if you have them, (in US$ or Euros) for each piece would also be appreciated.

Scanning: Scans should be at 350dpi with a minimum size of 4" x 6"

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