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Monday, June 30, 2003

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Mechanic's Dream

Cendrieux, France, June 30, 1931 - "Knife Adapted for Multiple Uses and Comprising a Monkey Wrench" is the title of Jean Albert Soustre's U. S. Patent No. 1,811,982 granted today.

Soustre has adapted a knife for multiple use by extending the middle portion and forming a monkey wrench in the head. The scales are mounted on the outside forming the wrench handle and compartments for the folding blades including a corkscrew. Soustre says the device "forms a very portable outfit which will be of great service to users of bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, or to other persons, who are thus provided, without opening a tool bag or box, with the principal tools for making small repairs."

And once the repairs are done, don't forget to uncork the wine, Jean.

Mechanic's Dream 2

Wirtz, Virginia - Although not pocketable like Soustre's monkey wrench, this Portable Tool chest affords users much more. The roundlet contains a screwdriver, awl, punch, and worm which fit in a groove perpendicular to the case which serves as the handle for use. In on one end of the punch is a theaded hole for mounting the hammer head, the wrench, or the saw blade.

The chest has the word throughout mispelled as throughtout when referring to the Universal's worldwide patents. If any readers have patent information on this kit, please contact The Daily Screw.

Gone Fishin'

Wirtz, Virginia - We say goodbye to June with the remainder of our catch during National Fishing Month.

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