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Saturday, October 4, 2003

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SCCCCC Member Arriving

Wirtz, Virginia - So it begins. Southern California Crazy Corkscrew Collectors Club member Michael Sharp and meet-with Karen arrive today.

Mike is also a member of two other organizations meeting this week: the SMLCC and the ICCA

Wandering Australian Arriving

Wirtz, Virginia - After a long drive across America, Nick Hunt will arrive today. Nick is a member of three clubs meeting this week: PCC, SMLCC and ICCA.

PCC No. 1 on the Way

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Alf Erickson and Watcharee have their bags packed and are ready for the drive North to Virginia. They will be accompanied by three PCC members.

In addition to the PCC, Alf will be attending meetings of the SMLCC and ICCA.

Sign courtesy of Jack Bandy who is a member of the SMLCC, SCCCCC and the ICCA.

Wayward Vikings

If you attempted to join the 2H2TVSCC recently and had your email rejected, please note that the 2H2TVSCC website originally had the membership application address incorrectly listed. The correct address is Try again.

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