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Sunday, May 21, 2006

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Israeli Corkscrew Art

Kibbutz Or Haner, Israel - Eran Ben Yosef produced a number of original design "art" corkscrews.

10 1/4" Lever with tree stump stand

7 1/2" Waiter's Friend with wood stand

9 1/2" Waiter's Friend with wood stand

4 3/4"" Waiter's Friend with pouch

5 1/2" Waiter's Friend

13" Double Lever (see below)

4 3/4"" Direct Pull

Eran Ben Yosef corkscrews from the collection of Don Bull

Corkscrew Mystery

Germany - Reader Bernhard Maurer of the Korkenzieher Museum Kaiserstuhl asks "Who can give me informations about this corkscrew (?). It is marked G. F. HIPKINS & SONS BIRMINGHAM. Send your thoughts comments to Editor.

Wine Society


Rabbit Rerun

Denver, Colorado - A number of bunnies appeared in the Easter edition of The Weekly Screw. Reader Richard Clark has added a rabbit to the warren. It appears to be Art Deco. If any readers know anything about this corkscrew, send details to the Editor.

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