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Sunday, March 23, 2003

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Walker's New Blade

Erie, Pennsylvania, March 23, 1897 - Erie inventor and manufacturer Edwin Walker who already has several corkscrew patents has come up with yet another. His previous patents included a several bar mounted corkscrews and, on July 25,1893 he received a patent for a wood handle corkscrew which incorporated a "yoke" to assist in removing the cork. He described his invention as "A cork-screw with a yoke thereon adapted to be screwed down upon the top of the bottle as the screw enters the cork, and when the yoke contacts the top of the bottle the continued turning of the screw operates to raise the cork up within the yoke." Walker's Erie Specialty Company has been very successful in marketing this corkscrew to a number of breweries and other firms for advertising purposes.

The current invention is protected by United States Patent Number 579,200 and is entitled "Stopper-Extractor." This new invention relates only to the blade formed on the "yoke" of his previous invention. Walker notes that blades for lifting stoppers from bottles are usually attached to the end of handle which are not convenient and do not offer sufficient leverage to "insert the blade, and pry up and cut the wires." In addition the exposed blade requires extra care in handling. He solves the problem by making "the edge of the blade face another part of the puller" - the screw which then forms a guard for the blade. Walker says "It is out of harm's way when the puller is operated." Walker is already taking orders from many firms for the new design.

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Pin Guy

Pretolia, Ontario, Canada - I have enjoyed getting my Daily Screw since it began in February. At first I was skeptical that there would be enough news about corkscrews to sustain it for very long. I have been pleasantly surprised that every day there is interesting news about corkscrews . My e-mail address is, The reason is, I collect lapel pins as well as collecting corkscrews. Thanks again for a great publication...Dan Bilger

The Daily Cork Snooze

To appease those that oppose your right to free speech , you could call The Daily Screw .... The Daily Cork News ... or The Daily Cork Snooze. I know you like playing on words and I also know I don't HAVE to read The Daily Screw but I like the information you are putting into your daily "cybercommentary". I understand that I don't HAVE to subject myself to your sexual innuendo. I have chosen to ignore it and ENJOY the information provided. Of couse I was offended by some of the terminology. I even thought about writing you the first time it happened. But I said to myself," It is his page and his thought pattern." I had to decide whether what you offered in corkscrew history was interesting enough to me that I could ignore what might offend me.... I still come to visit your "cyberpaper" every day!...Hope

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