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Saturday, April 26, 2003

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New York, New York, April 26, 1938 - Richard Smythe patented his design for the "Hootch Owl" corkscrew over two years ago on March 17, 1936 under United States Patent No. D98,968. Now Smythe has been granted U. S. Mechanical patent number 2,115,289 for his "Container Opener". The drawing in the new patent is essentially the same as the earlier patent.

The April 26 patent embodies the corkscrew, a bottle cap lifter, a device for removing screw on caps, and an ice cube lifter.

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Shenanigans in Bermondsey

Here is a photo of an S. Patent forgery purchased at London's famous Bermondsey Street Antique market. The Forgery is in the centre set against two genuine examples. It was described as " Do not know anything about it - it was in a bulk lot I bought at auction." The handle is bone but has been stained. The stain can be removed with spittle and a good rub. On the shaft is stamped S.PAT obviously hand stamped with individual letters. There is no double bells trade mark. Once again ,an interesting addition to a collection which gives an insight into what some dealers think on their potential customers - caveat emptor. BTW - I always read the Daily Mail then The Daily Screw....John Compton, London, England

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