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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

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London, England - Alf and Watcharee Erickson have left Florida for Bangkok. They have stopped over in London for a few days. Alf writes "This is a copy of Plant's Patent (left); Watcharee found it in an Oxford Street shop near Selfridges." Early versions are shown on the right. Will the new ones turn up for sale as old? Buyer beware!

Dental Gimlet?

Wirtz, Virginia - Did the artist who drew this card have a bad day at the dentist's office? The card was mailed in Prague in 1901.

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Wirtz, Virginia - In keeping with today's dental theme, we present another dental card. This one was drawn by Ricardo Brook and it reads:

Unannounced caller from Bachelor Party in the flat above the Dentist's: "Sorry to interrupt, Old Boysh - can YOU pull the cork from thish Bottle of Scotch?"

W. G. in Devon mailed the card to Leslie Newsham in Liverpool in 1935. He wrote "Glorious weekend. Nice place, plenty of nice scenery and bathing. Nicer still when in your flat after an extraction. A good neighbour gets the dentist to remove the cork to give you gargle."

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