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Sunday, December 28, 2003

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What's this all about?

Wirtz, Virginia - In Friday's issue, reader Jean Grignon asked if we had seen wine bottles with corkscrew labels. We dug into The Daily Screw archives and turned up several. Trevor Holdsworth (France) has taken a giant step forward with his corkscrew wine labels. He wrote "Read today's article and just thought I'd point to this page on my website with 'an original display idea'." We took a look and found the corkscrews and labels pictured above with this copy:

I tried this before in the past, putting corks back in cleaned empty bottles and putting corkscrews in the corks. However, the idea is improved by taking a digital picture of a nice wine label and inserting in the label a pic of the corkscrew, the patent date, maker and corkscrew name e.g. 'presto' or type e.g. 'single lever'. Print your label and either paste it over the original label or soak the bottle and remove the original label. This idea is OK if you don't have cats who topple bottles over. We have four cats, so I doubt if this display will last long 'chez nous'. idea Copyright Trevor Holdsworth August 10th 2002

Thank you for sharing a terrific display idea with us Trevor.

Visit Trevor's homepage.

Avon Corkscrew

Wirtz, Virginia - The December 24 issue featured a musical Christmas corkscrew found by reader Al Haché. Al was able to locate the Avon Canadian Christmas flyer and submits this translation from the French:

Music - Lights - Action - New: musical corkscrew.

An accessory that makes an excellent gift for the hostess. Plays: We wish you a Merry Christmas and flashes when used. 18 cm ( 7in. ) in height. Recquires 2 buttton batteries disposable and included. Plastic. # 031-343. $ 7.99 There is also a bottle opener with same music. # 031-359 $ 7.99.

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