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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

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Baker's Corkscrew Improved

Birmingham, England, April 23, 1888 - In 1880 William Baker of Birmingham obtained an English patent for his double lever corkscrew. His design has been manufactured here in Birmingham by James Heeley and Sons. Now Neville Smith Heeley has come up with some improvements on Baker's idea. Although Baker's concept is good, the corkscrew does not have a smooth action. The arms or levers meet a collar at the top of the shank and there is too much play in them. This sometimes causes the upper portion of the arm to crack.

Neville has added a guide on the shank and attached the arms to it. That guide then runs up and down the shaft as the levers are operated in an easy fashion. The new design is currently manufactured by James Heeley and Sons. The top of the handle is marked with the Patent Number 6006, the company name, and "A1 Double Lever."

Answers to Yesterday's "What are these?"

An eight tool folding bow including hoof pick, boot hook, leather punch, corkscrew and more.

The Holborn Lever. An 1885 English patent by Henry Goodall.

Joseph Pitt's August 15, 1882 U. S. Patent No. 262,613.

From the collection of Alf Erickson.

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