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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

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Pulling with Prongs

Berlin, Germany, March 26, 1878 - Benjamin Lew has received a patent for his new cork remover invention entitled "Neuerungen an Korkziehern mit zwei den Kork unfassenden Schenkeln." Ben's cork remover has two prongs which store inside a metal case when not in use. One of the prongs folds into the case and the second is inserted in the end to retain the first when stored. To use the cork remover, the second prong is removed and the first prong is pulled down. The second prong is then inserted into the top of the case where it is allowed to slide from side to side. The prongs are then inserted along the sides of the cork by a rocking motion. Once inserted, a slight twist and tug will pull up the cork. Lew received an German patent for an earlier design in 1877.

Wirtz, Virginia - Editor's Note: Lew's idea was patented in the United States on August 9, 1881 by Milwaukee resident Fred. Mann. The drawing shown in Mann's patent is the same as the production model of Lew's patent. Lew's patent shows a slightly different design. Lew also patented the cork puller in France (August 1, 1878). His 1877 design was patented in England by Gerard Wenzeslaus von Nawrocki of the Brandt and Nawrocki Patent Agents firm in Berlin.

Lew's patent drawing is shown on the left and Mann's on the right.

Dropping Out

Wirtz, Virginia - The Daily Screw took a jab at Michael Moore after his Academy Award speech. That resulted in a number of defections from The Daily Screw ("cancel my subscription", etc.). However, we are pleased to report that there are more new subscribers coming on board on a regular basis outweighing the lost circulation.

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