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Monday, February 2, 2004

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Super Bowl Results

New England Patriots: 32

Carolina Panthers: 29

It was a good workout:

Letter to the Editor

Copper Handle Corkscrew

Regarding "Where is the guy from?" in the January 28 issue - Here's my corkscrew with a similar cast copper handle as your. The worm on mine is a forged web helix that is not as well made as the handle. The handle looks delicate but is quite strong, more than required to pull a cork. I don't know where it is from.

Ron MacLean, Canada

Letter to the Editor

Another Magnet

Regarding magnets in the January 26 issue - This magnetic Chateau Petrus is probably the closest I will ever get to the real thing!

Al Haché, Canada

Letter to the Editor


More Bull

Danny Arensman, Netherlands

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