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Sunday, July 23, 2006

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Bull to Sell Erickson Collection

Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Wirtz, Virginia - On Wednesday, July 12, Don and Bonnie Bull took a late afternoon flight from Roanoke to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On arrival they picked up a Pontiac Montana van rental at Avis. After a stop at Office Max for some boxes and packing supplies, they checked into the Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Blvd. for a good night's rest.

On Thursday, Don & Bonnie met Alf Erickson at "509". Alf gave a quick tour of the house and there were corkscrews everywhere. Thousands. After several hours, 26 boxes were filled with corkscrews and ready to load in the van.

The next morning the van was loaded and by 9:30 AM, Don & Bonnie were heading North on Route 95. They drove 500 plus miles to Walterboro, Georgia for an overnight stay. On Saturday, they completed the journey to Virginia. Sunday was unpacking and sorting. It is an incredible collection and for a preview readers are invited to look at fifty some group photos by clicking here and following the links throught six pages.

Alf collected corkscrews since the 1970s and is a early member of the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts (ICCA). He has traveled the world in search of corkscrews including a number of visits to the Christie's auction house in London. In 1995, Alf together with Joe Paradi and Don Bull bought and divided the fantastic collection of the late Bob Nugent. The event was known as "The Great Corkscrew Game" - the entry fee was substantial but all three participants came away extremely pleased with the results. About a third of the corkscrews that were divided contributed to the growth of Alf's already phenomenal collection.

Alf has been considering selling "509" but all those corkscrews were in the way. Now he feels the time has come and he and wife Watcharee can settle into maintaining the other Fort Lauderdale residence and their Bangkok, Thailand home.

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