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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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From the Editor: In a 1929 catalog the C.T. Williamson Manufacturing Company, Newark, New Jersey, offered the "Flash" Corkscrew and Bottle Opener. This style corkscrew / opener can be found with many different paper souvenir labels from locations across North America. From the number reported so far, it seems the Williamson Company had a darn good representative selling the product.

My assumption was that these souvenir corkscrews were from the 1950s. When I found one that says "Chicago's New Zoo at Brookfield, Ill.", I researched the zoo and found that it was opened in 1934. Would that mean the corkscrew was from 1934. It is quite possible.

The "Flash" corkscrews are found with metal caps on the bottom and without the cap. It is also possible that those with caps are pre WWII and those without are after WWII. I don't know.

I have not seen any old advertising for the souvenir "Flash". Have you?

I am currently compiling a list of the "Flash" souvenir corkscrews. If you look at, you will find a list of those cataloged so far. The right hand column "photos" indicates whether or not I have a picture. If you can supply pictures for those with an "N", please email hi-res photos. Several can appear in one photo.

If you look at, you will see the photos I currently have. If you have a variation, please send a photo.

Any comments or ideas regarding the history of the "Flash" are welcome.

Don Bull, Editor / email

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