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March 17, 2009

Number 548

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The Corkscrew by Rob Higgs

Editor's Note: This fabulous contraption and fantastic work of art is just what every discerning corkscrew enthusiasts needs for uncorking and serving that special bottle wine. Read the story and if you are interested in owning one and have a serious interest (price is in the six figure range!), email me for prices (

Rob Higgs’ mechanical sculpture “The Corkscrew” was launched by ONEOFONEHUNDRED LIMITED in Monaco and formally unveiled by Prince Albert of Monaco. “The Corkscrew”, created from over 250 found objects from scrapyards and farmsteads has been cast in bronze and re-assembled to create this priceless objet trouvés. The sheer energy and elegant proportions of “The Corkscrew” - designed to pull a cork from a bottle and pour the wine - are impressive from the outset and the creation is reminiscent of a Heath Robinson design, only this mechanical sculpture is not only beautiful, but actually works.

Dimensions & Weight: Stand alone Height (mm) 1651 (65 inches!), Width (mm) 1510, Depth (mm) 588, Weight (kg) 350. On Plinth Height (mm) 2670, Width (mm) 1524, Depth (mm) 762, Weight (kg) varies. There is a full service agreement to support The Corkscrew.

“The Corkscrew” is available as a stand-alone sculpture on a flat steel base or on a Pinfold Plinth or within a Kelmscott Cabinet or Hoffman Cabinet both of which incorporate a built in lifting mechanism which lifts “The Corkscrew” from within the cabinet.


Pouring the Wine

***Click here to watch the complete video including design and construction (6 minutes wmv format - 80mb)***

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