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Thursday, February 27, 2003

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Quick and Easy

Erie, Pennsylvania, February 27, 1894 - U. S. Patent No. 515,412 has been awarded to Erie inventor Edwin Walker for his latest Cork-Puller. Walker's corkscrew is designed to mount on a bar in such a fashion that a name-plate will be facing the bar patron. This will be an ideal place for various brewers and bottlers to advertise their product.

The bartender can open bottles of beer quickly and easily by simply placing the bottle neck at the base of the frame and operating the handle in a couple of quick strokes to remove the cork.

When asked to describe some of the features of his corkscrew, Walker said "The upper end of the cork screw carrier is bored out so as to form a shoulder adapted to be engage by a washer which fits on the upper end of the cork screw stem and is secured thereon by a transverse pin..." Walker continued on seemingly forever and, frankly, this reporter had a hard time grasping what he was saying so I grasped for a bottle of beer instead.

Take me out to the Ball Game

Lord's Cricket Grounds, England, Febuary 27, 1874 - The famous American A. G. Spalding and Mr. Alcock, the London Sportman's cricket editor, have arranged a baseball match at the Cricket Grounds. This will be the first baseball game ever played in England. Players from the famous Boston Beacon Club will be on hand to thrill fans of all ages in today's match.

A Final Black History Picture

From the Editor: February is Black History Month. We have been pleased to commemorate the month with photos of a number of black related corkscrews and prints.

Swimsuit Edition

Wirtz, Virginia - Sports Illustrated does it. National Geographic is doing it. And not to be outdone, The Daily Screw does it. Go to our: Special Swimsuit Edition

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