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Friday, June 6, 2003

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National Cow Day

Oslo, Norway - Today Norway is celebrating National Cow Day. The United States is not. But there is hope. Mark Wutka wants to write to his congresswoman to ask her to propose a "National Cow Day."

Wutka points our that there is a day for everything including "National Belly-Button Lint Day" so why not a day to celebrate the cow. He knows cows have a great influence on our daily lives when we see "Cow-shaped salt & pepper shakers, or the myriad of Cow-decorated oven mitts, napkins, paper towels, and cookie jars." But he doesn't mention the corkscrew!

And Wutka looks at the cows contributions to the fashion industry: leather boots, leather mini-skirts, leather jackets, leather mini-skirts, leather gloves, leather mini-skirts, and leather underwear. Wutka reminds us how we often speak of cows with such phrases as "What a cow!" or "Get a load of the heifer!" And how about the cry when a Chicago Cubs baseball player hits a home run "Holy Cow!"

Two of the most popular sports in America are Cow Chip Tossing and Cow Tipping. The Cows *love* to participate in the sport of tipping. They know, of course, what is going on and enjoy every minute of it. After all, what creature would be so absolutely stupid as to not notice a group of drunk fraternity brothers trying to push it over.

Norway is way ahead of the United States when it comes to respect for the cow.

Gone Fishin'

Wirtz, Virginia - Yet another reminder that June is National Fishing Month.

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